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Tradition is a word that brings to mind many images.  Most often tradition represents something with a long history, a source of pleasant memories, a valuable part of our lives.  Tradition generally brings a good feeling of strong roots and solid values.

     Well, tradition is a term that certainly applies to Phil Giannetti Motors.  This fine family owned and operated auto dealership has been a tradition in the Brownsville area since 1967.  Philip Giannetti had many years of experience in the automobile industry at local area dealerships before he and his family embarked on their own path to ownership of Phil Giannetti Dodge.  Atop Brownsville hill, at the intersection of Routes 40 and 166, the Dodge dealership flourished under Phil's able management and vision.  By 1989 the building was ready for a major renovation and expansion.  

     Through dedication to customer service and loyalty, through honest, trustworthy business practices, and through many hours of solid hard work, the Giannetti family and their loyal staff have maintained their fine standing in the community.  With pride not only in their own enterprise but also in the surrounding community, they have earned and retain a sterling reputation of good, fair, caring people that are an asset to the Brownsville area.

Phil Giannetti Motors 

656 National Pike East

Brownsville, PA 15401



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